Edward Stanley Tenklei

27 november 1918 te Carman, Pembina Valley Census Division, Manitoba Canada ✡ 5 april 1945 te Almen/Leesten/Zutphen.
Edward woonde en bereikte de leeftijd van 26 jaar.
Beroep: Sergeant Major

Edward was de zoon van John en Jessie Tenklei uit Regina, Saskatchewan. Zijn broer George Arthur Tenklei overleed tijdens een auto ongeluk in 1956 als Lance Corporal in het Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps.

Hij diende als Warrant Officer Class II sergeant major in het Regina Rifle Regiment met servicenummer L/27835.

Honours and Awards: Military Medal
"On the 16th February 1945, "C" Company of the 1st Battalion, The Regina Rifle Regiment were the right hand company of a two company attack, with the object of clearing the woods south of Moyland, Germany. In this attack, Sergeant Tenklei was Platoon Sergeant of Number 13 Platoon.
The advance was made under intense fire and less than half way to the objective, the Platoon Commander was wounded and could not continue. Sergeant Tenklei immediately took over and continued the advance. Three times his platoon was forced to ground by heavy machine gun and light automatic fire and three times this Non-Commissioned Officer organized and led the charge which overwhelmed the positions inflicting heavy casualties on the enemy. It was chiefly the superb leadership, courage and example of Sergeant Tenklei that inspired his men to advance and take their platoon objective. His actions on this day were worthy of the highest traditions of this Regiment and the Canadian Army". Source: Veterans Affairs